January 2024
Prof. Yamanouchi gave invited lectures at University of British Columbia

Prof. Yamanouchi was invited to give the following invited talks at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada during January 9 - 10.

January 9 (2024) at Rm. B520, Department of Chemistry
Lecture in Modern Chemistry (LMC): "Molecules in motion - Molecules in intense laser fields"

January 10 (2024) at Rm. 311, Quantum Material Institute
QMI (Quantum Material Institute) /CM (Condensed Matter) Seminar: "Quantum computing of atomic and molecular problems"

January 10 (2024) at Rm. D215, Department of Chemistry
AMO (Atomic, Molecular, and Optics) Seminar: "Ultrafast molecular dynamics and ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy using ultrashort intense laser pulses"