International Seminar on Atomic Processes in Intense Laser Fields and Related Many-Body Phenomena
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Abstract Submission for Posters
a)  Submission Deadline for Posters: December 17, 2004
b)  Guidelines:
Maximum number of pages:
1)  No more than 2 pages for an invited talk
2)  1 page for a poster
We only accept the abstract in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Author can also use Word Template to format your abstract.
     >> Download Microsoft Word template
The size of the poster board is 90cm(horizontally) × 120cm(vertically).
Online Submission
The following two steps are required to submit the abstract.
After online submission, when you need to revise the contents of your submission or cancel your submission, you may access two of the hyperlinks "Confirm/Revise" and "Cancel" at the bottom of this page.
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Author should submit his/her Name and E-mail Address so as to get a Submission ID.

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We require this ID to be included in all subsequent email/abstract submission. Failure to do this could result in significant delay.

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Get a Submission ID
Receive the notification e-mail and confirm your Submission ID.
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  Step2: Abstract Submission

Please complete your Abstract Submission. At this step, the author should submit the author details, abstract title, abstract content, and other information.

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Abstract Submission
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