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January 2011   Press release issued

On Wednesday January 12th from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, we held a press conference in Room 338, 3rd Floor, Faculty of Science Bldg. 1, to announce that we have made the "First demonstration of intense full-coherent soft-X ray laser achieved by advanced accelerator and ultrashort-pulsed laser technologies in Japan."

This achievement was published in the October 3rd issue of the Optics Express (The Optical Society of America). In this research, carried out in Riken Harima Institute using the free electron laser (FEL) called the SPring-8 Compact SASE Source (SCSS) Test Accelerator, we achieved 650-hold amplification of the 13th harmonic of near-infrared ultrashort-pulsed intense laser light. This is the first demonstration of the generation of intense full-coherent light pulses in the extreme ultraviolet region by the high-order harmonic seeded FEL, which paves the way for new frontier research in optical science in the soft X-ray and X-ray regions.

See http://www.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/press/press-2011-01en.html for more information.