January 2015
GSC Seminars by Prof. Huailiang Xu, Dr. Markus Kitzler, and Prof. Shilin Liu

Prof. Huailiang Xu of Jilin University, Dr. Markus Kitzler of Vienna University of Technology, and Prof. Shilin Liu of the University of Science and Technology China came to Japan to give lectures (seminars) for Global Science Course (GSC), an undergraduate transfer program for overseas students run by the School of Science, the University of Tokyo.

On January 20, Prof. Xu gave a lecture to the GSC under the title, "Introduction to femtosecond laser filamentation and its application in environment sensing." On January 26, a lecture was given by Dr. Markus Kitzler by the title, "Attosecond electronics: chemical processes controlled at the pace of light-oscillations," and on January 27, Prof. Shilin Liu gave a lecture titled "Micro-structure of water and its aqueous solutions."

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