Quantum Chemistry Handouts

Quantum Chemistry I
In this course, students learn basic principles of quantum mechanics through a variety of examples in atomic physics and molecular science. They learn about a particle in a box from optical transitions of dye molecules, harmonic oscillators from vibrational spectra of molecules, angular momenta from rotational spectra of molecules, and a hydrogen atom from its atomic spectra. In addition, students learn quantum mechanics of scattering processes of electrons by atoms and molecules from the determination of geometrical structures of gaseous molecules by gas electron diffraction.
@In the lecture course of Quantum Chemistry I-GSC held in the same semester for the 3rd-year transfer students in the Global Science Course, the contents of the lectures are the same as those in Quantum Chemistry I.
@In the lecture courses of Quantum Chemistry I and I-GSC, I used the textbook:
K. Yamanouchi, "Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Structures," Springer (2012).
The contents of this book are in line with those of the lecture courses.
@ The edX video lecture (for free):

will be useful to deepen understanding of the contents the lecture courses. The procedure for enrolling this video lecture can be found in the handout of Day 1.

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