September 2013  Prof. Yamanouchi gives a keynote speech at
the Japan Education Fair in India

On Friday, September 7, Prof. Kaoru Yamanouchi made a keynote speech under the title, "From India to Japan" at the Japan Education Fair held at the Bishop Cotton Boy's School in Bangalore, India. <Photo>

In his keynote speech, Prof. Yamanouchi introduced the Raman effect as an example of how achievements of cutting-edge academic research in India have been brought to Japan and resulted in huge advancements in the world of science. He explained that basic research in the field of structural chemistry in Japan was propelled by infrared absorption spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy, and later studies in electron gas diffraction have led to the determination of geometrical structure of molecules. At the present, frontier studies are being promoted with the introduction of laser lights into to the field of electron gas diffraction.

Prof. Yamanouchi also introduced the Global Science Course at the School of Science, the University of Tokyo, scheduled to start in year 2014, and explained that the School of Science plans to recruit students from India and other countries abroad.

The Japan Education Fare in Bangalore was held as a project under the Global 30 Program, hosted by the University of Tokyo in cooperation with the University of Tokyo India Office.