June 2019
Department seminar by Prof. Parinda Vasa
Dr. Yamada was selected to represent Xe in the Periodic Table of Young Chemists
Dr. Hiroi awarded the 7th AMO Symposium Poster Presentation Award
Original paper by Dr. Motoyama, Dr. Iwasaki, et al. was published in Appl. Phys. Lett. and the press release was issued
Welcome Mr. Alex Liu

April 2019
Department seminar by Dr. Tomas Mocek
Dr. Hiroi was awarded the 99th CSJ Annual Meeting Award for Best Presentation
Department seminar by Prof. Martin Quack
Welcoming new group members

March 2019
Department seminar by Prof. Yosuke Kayanuma
Prof. Yamanouchi gave a lecture at Department of Chemistry, Tohoku University
Graduating students

February 2019
Department seminar by Dr. Marcelo Ciappina

January 2019
Department seminar by Prof. Hans Jakob Wörner
"Message" by Prof. Yamanouchi has been updated
Department seminar by Dr. Kiminori Kondo

December 2018
Welcome Prof. Huailiang Xu to our group
Group members get-together party
Department seminar by Prof. Peng Liu
Department seminar by Prof. Ken Sakai

November 2018
Welcoming Prof. Peng Liu
Department seminar by Prof. Koji Hatanaka

October 2018
Dr. Toshiaki Ando awarded the Japan Society for Molecular Science Best Presentation Award

July 2018
Department seminar by Prof. Edward Grant
Farewell party for Dr. Wenhong Yang

June 2018
Our softball team makes it to the final tournament
Takanori Nishi awarded the 4th AMO Symposium Poster Presentation Award

May 2018
Department seminar by IUPAC President Prof. Qifeng Zhou
Welcoming a STEPS student Mr. Stanislav Borovykh

April 2018
Lecture and Department seminar by Prof. Huailiang Xu
Department seminar by Prof. Zhi Heng Loh
Welcoming new members to the group

March 2018
Celebrating Prof. Akiyoshi Hishikawa's CSJ Award for Creative Work
Original paper by Toshiaki Ando, et. al is posted as Recommended article on the Japanese website of Springer Nature's "Communications Chemistry"

February 2018
Department Seminars by Dr. Kitzler and Dr. Grachova
Welcoming Dr. Elena Grachova to our group
Welcoming Dr. Markus Kitzler to our group

January 2018
Department Seminar by Prof. Wendell Hill, III
Farewell party for Dr. Nakai and Prof. Peng Liu

December 2017
Princess Chulabhorn of Thailand visited our Lab
Intensive course and Department seminar by Prof. Kazuhiro Yabana
Department seminar by Prof. Peng Liu

November 2017
Welcoming Prof. Peng Liu to the group
Prof. Yamanouchi's "Message" has been updated.
Qiqi Zhang and Toshiaki Ando awarded ISUILS2017 Best Poster Presenter Award

October 2017
Department Seminar by Prof. Ken Onda
Prof. Yamanouchi gave a lecture at ETH Zurich's PC Colloquium
Prof. Yamanouchi gave a talk on the planning of Attosecond Laser Facility at the 910th IMS Colloquium
Welcoming Prof. Alexander Konev

September 2017
Dinner party with Dr. Miyabi Hiyama
Informal Meeting on Attosecond Laser Facility (ALFA) was held
Department seminar by Prof. Qiang Lin
Welcoming a STEPS student Mr. Alexei Poliaev
Prof. Yamanouchi awarded The Japanese Photochemistry Association Lectureship Award

September 2017
Seminar talk by Dr. Yuya Morimoto

August 2017
Welcoming Mr. Igor Solovyev (SPbU) to our group

July 2017
Dr. Hiroi's slogan on campus safety awarded Executive Vice President's Award in the UTokyo Environment, Safety, and Health Slogan Contest

May 2017
Celebrating Prof. Yamanouchi's 60th birthday

April 2017
Welcome Dr. Wenhong Yang to our group
Seminar by Dr. Catherine Lefebvre
The group welcomes new members

March 2017
Department seminar by Prof. Sergey Tunik
Department seminar by Prof. Alexander Khlebnikov
Welcoming Profs. Alexander Khlebnikov and Sergey Tunik
Zasshikai Seminar by Drs. Aditya and Jayashree Dharmadhikari

February 2017
Welcome Drs. Aditya Dharamadhikari and Jayashree Dharmadhikari
Prof. Yamanouchi presents at IOP Publishing Young Researchers' Meeting
Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Huailiang Xu

January 2017
Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Alexander Konev
Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Hans Jakob Wörner
Welcoming Prof. Hans Jakob Wörner
Farewell Party for Dr. Tamas Szidarovszky
Prof. Huailiang Xu visits the group
An article by Prof. Yamanouchi on Global Science Course was featured in "Chemistry World"
The 11th Physical Chemistry Seminar
Welcoming Prof. Alexander Konev

December 2016
An article on the Global Science Course, as introduced by Prof. Yamanouchi, was published in "IIBC Newsletter"

November 2016
Prof. Huailiang Xu visits the group.
Prof. Hirohiko Kono gave intensive course lectures at the Department of Chemistry
Prof. Yamanouchi's "Message" has been updated.

October 2016
Welcoming a STEPS student (Ms. Ekaterina Vedenchuk)
Welcoming Prof. Farhad Faisal
Assoc. Prof. Kanya won the ISUILS15 Best Poster Presenter Award

August 2016
Assoc. Prof. Kanya received the Morino Foundation research fund
Prof. Yamanouchi is awarded The 7th Japan Society for Molecular Science Award

July 2016
Welcoming Dr. Alexander Konev to our group
Prof. See Leang Chin visited the group

June 2016
Welcoming a UTRIP student (Mr. Sunny Wang)

May 2016
Dr. Konstantin Kouzakov of Moscow State University visited our group
Dr. Szidarovszky is appointed Assistant Professor

April 2016
Welcoming a STEPS student (Mr. Igor Cherepanov)
Dr. Kanya is promoted to Associate Professor
25th Anniversary party of the foundation of Yamanouchi Lab

March 2016
Dr. Matteo Lucchini of ETH Zurich visited our group
Dr. Sato leaves the group for SLAC

February 2016
Prof. Yamanouchi's new "Message" is now on the web (in Japanese only.)
An article featuring the Global Science Course by Prof. Yamanouchi was published in “Tokyo Daigaku A to Z”

January 2016
Prof. Yamanouchi's talk at the Open Campus 2015 orientation is available on UTokyo TV

December 2015
Kana Yamada, Kakuta Ishida, and Toshiaki Ando received the ISULS14 Best Poster Presenter Awards

November 2015
Yamanouchi group soccer team defeated in the final round
Yamanouchi group soccer team makes it to the final round

October 2015
Kakuta Ishida won Japan Society for Molecular Science Best Poster Award

September 2015
A paper by Yuya Morimoto et. al published in Nature Communications, press release issued
A paper by Huailiang Xu et. al published in Nature Communications, press release issued

August 2015
Prof. Yamanouchi gave a talk at UTokyo Open Campus

July 2015
Welcoming a UTRIP student

June 2015
[Softball report] Yamanouchi group softball team defeated in the preliminary games

May 2015
Toshiaki Ando awarded the CSJ Student Presentation Award 2015

April 2015
Welcoming new members

March 2015
Mr. Yuki Kobayashi was awarded "Chemistry Department Chair Award"
Shinichi Fukahori to receive Oral Presentation Encouragement Award of the Laser Society of Japan

February 2015
A paper by Toshiaki Ando et al. has been selected Chemical Physics Letters "Editor's Choice"

January 2015
GSC Seminars by Prof. Huailiang Xu, Dr. Markus Kitzler, and Prof. Shilin Liu
Prof. Yamanouchi is awarded the Chemical Society of Japan Award

November 2014
Welcome Dr. Tamas Szidarovszky and Dr. Takashi Hiroi

October 2014
Shinichi Fukahori received the ISUILS13 Best Poster Presenter Award

July 2014
Welcoming a UTRIP student

June 2014
Yamanouchi group softball team makes it to the final round
Our softball team off to a good start

May 2014
Zasshikai Seminar (Mini-symposium) by Prof. Mauro Nisoli and Prof. Marc Vrakking
Zasshikai Seminar by Dr. Markus Kitzler

April 2014
Welcoming new members

March 2014
Seminar by Prof. Hidekazu Goto
A delegation from Vietnam Institute of Optics visits the laboratory
Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Louis DiMauro
Welcome Dr. Erik Loetstedt

February 2014
Paper by Shun Miura et al. was chosen Chemical Physics Letters gEditorfs Choiceh

January 2014
Toshiaki Ando dispatched to Jena
Seiji Ogami dispatched to Shanghai

December 2013
The first ALPS Symposium on Photon Science was held
Welcome Prof. Huailiang Xu
Seminar by Prof. Sheng D. Chao

October 2013
The 6th Physical Chemistry Seminar
Yuya Morimoto won ISUILS12 Best Poster Presenter Award
Yuichi Ichikawa dispatched to Bielefeld University

September 2013
Soji Tsuchiya, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, visited the Lab
Prof. Yamanouchi gives a keynote speech at the Japan Education Fair in India
Yoshihiro Ide dispatched to POSTECH

August 2013
Prof. Yamanouchi is presented certificate of appreciation from IUPAC

July 2013
Celebration party for Dr. Yuji Fukuda
Group seminar by Dr. Yuji Fukuda
Department Seminar by Prof. Teck Yong Tou
Welcoming two UTRIP students

June 2013
Department Seminar by Prof. Roberto Marquardt
Akihiro Shimamoto is awarded the 1st AMO Symposium Poster Presentation Award
The 5th Physical Chemistry Seminar

May 2013
Welcoming Mr. Laurent Huot from France
Final seminar by Dr. Koji Hatanaka

April 2013
The 4th Physical Chemistry Seminar was held
Dr. Atsushi Iwasaki is awarded Osaka University's Kondo Prize
Dr. Taiji Yamanouchi visits the group
Department Seminar by Prof. See Leang Chin
Welcome party for new members
Welcoming new group members

March 2013
Farewell Party

February 2013
The 3rd Physical Chemistry Seminar

January 2013
An article by Dr. Norio Takemoto, alumnus of our group, was published in the Faculty of Science Newsletter
Group seminar by Dr. Miyabi Hiyama

December 2012
Physical Chemistry Seminars were held
Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Chii-Dong Lin   

November 2012
November 2012@Kakuta Ishida won the Annual Symposium of the Japan Society for Molecular Science Best Poster Award

October 2012
October 2012 Kakuta Ishida won ISUILS11 Best Poster Presenter Award

August 2012
August 2012  Welcome Prof. Huailang Xu    

July 2012
July 2012  Yuya Morimoto won the Best Poster Presenter Award at the 4th ICE Seminar
July 2012  Our softball team finished third place in the Department softball games
July 2012   Welcoming a new group member
July 2012   Yamanouchi group's softball team proceeds to the final round

June 2012
June 2012   The One-day IUPAC Division I Symposium was held

May 2012
May 2012   Welcoming an internship student from France

April 2012
April 2012   Celebration party for Prof. Kennosuke Hoshina
April 2012   Group seminar by Prof. Kennosuke Hoshina
April 2012   Welcome part

March 2012
March 2012   Farewell Party for Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Ty and the graduating students

January 2012
January 2012   The paper by R. Kanya, Y. Morimoto, and K. Yamanouchi was
                       published in theVirtual Journal of Ultrafast Science

January 2012   Welcome Mr. Dominik Hoff and Mr. Ali Azarm

December 2011
December 2011 Farewell Party for Dr. Erik Loetstedt

October 2011
November 2011  The paper by Takahiro Sato, Atsushi Iwasaki et al.
 was featured in Europhysics News

October 2011
October 2011  Welcoming a PhD student from Philipps University Marburg

October 2011  ISUILS10 Best Poster Award won by Asst. Prof. Reika Kanya

July 2011
July 2011  Yoshihiro Ide and Ryoichi Kira won Best Poster Presenter Awards at the 3rd Summer ICE Seminar

July 2011  The paper by Takahiro Sato, Atsushi Iwasaki et al. was selected as "IoP Select"

July 2011  Welcoming an internship student from France

June 2011
June 2011  Welcoming Prof. Sheng D. Chao from National Taiwan University

June 2011  Group seminar by Dr. Tokuei Sako

May 2011
May 2011  Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Karl-Michael Weitzel

May 2011  Group seminar by Dr. Hirokazu Hasegawa

May 2011  Welcoming an internship student from France

April 2011
April 2011  Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Yoshinori Nishino

April 2011  Welcome party

April 2011  Welcoming a new member

January 2011
January 2011  Press release issued

January 2011  Welcome Mr. Zongxin Zhang and Mr. Jisu Lee

December 2010
December 2010  Welcome Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Ty

December 2010  Best Poster Award won by Asst. Prof. Reika Kanya at ISUILS9

December 2010  ISUILS9 held in Hawaii

November 2010
Group seminar talk by Mr. Christopher Arrell

Yuya Morimoto won Best Poster Award

October 2010
Farewell Party for Dr. Huailiang Xu

Welcome Ms. Li Zhang

Mr. Shun Miura and Mr. Toshiaki Ando dispatched to Vienna

September 2010
Our paper was selected for the September Issue of the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science

Talk by Dr. Norio Takemoto at group seminar

Farewell Party for Mr. Takahiro Sato

Talk by Dr. Atsushi Kosuge at group seminar

Press release issued

Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Chii-Dong Lin

The Yamanouchi Group celebrates its 20th anniversary

August 2010
Asst. Prof. Tomoya Okino and Mr. Shun Miura dispatched to Vienna

July 2010
Group seminar by Dr. Hirokazu Hasegawa

Group seminar by Ms. Haruka Goto

June 2010
Welcome Mr. Oliver Tozer

May 2010
The 2nd STAR Symposium was held

Welcome Mr. Sylvain Monchocé

Prof. Andrius Baltuska's visit and Zasshikai Seminar

Takahiro Sato awarded the LSJ award for research encouragement

March 2010
"One-day Symposium on Molecules in Intense Laser Filed and Related Phenomena" was held

One-day International Symposium was held

Mr. Yuya Morimoto will be awarded "School of Science Study Encouragement Prize"

Welcome Mr. Tim Rathje

February 2010
Zasshikai Seminar by Dr. Akira Suda of RIKEN

January 2010
Photos from the Laboratory's "extracurricular" activities are now up on the Activies page.

Welcome Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Ty and Mr. Claude Marceau

Dr. Atsushi Iwasaki and Dr. Huailiang Xu in Vienna to promote joint research project with Austria

December 2009
Welcome Ms. Li Zhang

November 2009
Mr. Yanagi returns from Shanghai

Our paper was selected for the November Issue of the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science

“Zasshikai” Seminars by Professors Motomu Tanaka (University of Heidelberg) and Moshe Shaprio (The University of British Columbia)

October, 2009
Our paper posted as “Top 20 Most Downloaded Articles in October 2009” by Journal of Chemical Physics

September, 2009
Welcome Erik Loetsedt

Norio Takemoto returns for group seminar

July, 2009
Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Campbell

Zasshikai Seminar by Prof. Chin

June, 2009
Welcome Mr. Hugo Angleys

Seminar of Dr. Joe Sanderson Anri Watanabe won Best Poster Prize

Our postdoc researcher in CEA-Saclay

Welcome Mr. Claude Marceau

April, 2009
Seminar by Dr. Paul Corkum

March, 2009
Shun Miura awarded School of Science Study Encouragement Prize

Professor Baltuska visits Lab

February, 2009
Dr. Luca Poletto visit and Seminar

The 1st STAR Symposium, February 12th - 13th

Dr. Erik Loetstedt visits the lab

Welcome Dr. Giuseppe Sansone of Politecnico di Milano

January, 2009
Internship Student from POSTECH, Korea

Prof. David M. Jonas visits the group

December, 2008
One-day Symposium on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science held

July, 2008
Welcome Mr. Adrien Auburg

June, 2008
Katsunori Nakai came 2^nd place in the Open Water Swim Race in Okinawa.

A new video introduction to our research activities is up.
(Sorry! the video is in Japanese only).

Welcome Prof. Farhad Faisal and Mr. Norbert Schlepple.

May, 2008
Measurement of two-photon and three-photon ionization processes of N2 by intense XUV free electron light.